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Jay At Play Florida Reps Introduce the New FlipaZoo Plush Toys

Jay At Play Florida representatives recently introduced the new FlipaZoo plush toys.

Jay At Play Florida is an industry leader in toy manufacturing. The makers of Boxy Girls and Wish Me recently introduced a new favorite toy — the FlipaZoo. Jay At Play Florida representatives explained that this plush toy is unlike any other on the market.

“FlipaZoo plush toys spark the imagination and provide comfort wherever your child goes,” Jay At Play Florida representatives said. “These fluffy companions double as a pillow, which can be taken to bed, on the road, off to camp, and just about anywhere.”

Jay at Play Florida reps stated that FlipaZoo plush toys are made from the highest-quality materials, so your kids can enjoy them year after year without having to purchase a replacement. Amazingly, the people at Jay At Play Florida explained that FlipaZoo characters can magically transform from one animal to another, so your child enjoys multiple toys in one.

The easy flip design is part of what makes FlipaZoo animals so special, because they have a softback for pillow time, and a unique animal exterior when your child wants to play. The Jay At Play Florida team explained that there are currently a variety of FlipaZoo toys on the market, from the traditional FlipaZoo stuffed animals to the 2.0, collectible additions, and FlipaZoo animals with reversible sequins.

The FlipaZoo line is very collectible,” Jay At Play Florida representatives said. “It won’t be long before you have an¬†entire FlipaZoo zoo in your home.”

Jay At Play Florida is known for creating some of the most innovative toys on the market. The company was founded in Hong Kong in 2004, and now includes a portfolio of famous toy brands, including Twinkle Play Tents and Boxy Girls. The company’s unique approach to developing new toys has been praised throughout the industry, in the media, and by influencers around the globe. Jay At Play Florida is a company based on encouraging kids to exercise their imaginations and simply have fun.

“We pride ourselves on creating toys that enlighten and engage children,” Jay At Play Florida representatives said. “Our toys are available in more than 75 countries around the globe, and we’re still expanding. We fully value our relationships with our customers, and we can’t wait for kids to get their hands on our new FlipaZoo plush toys and more.”

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