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Jay At Play Florida Reps Introduce the New FlipaZoo Plush Toys

Jay At Play Florida representatives recently introduced the new FlipaZoo plush toys.

Jay At Play Florida is an industry leader in toy manufacturing. The makers of Boxy Girls and Wish Me recently introduced a new favorite toy — the FlipaZoo. Jay At Play Florida representatives explained that this plush toy is unlike any other on the market.

“FlipaZoo plush toys spark the imagination and provide comfort wherever your child goes,” Jay At Play Florida representatives said. “These fluffy companions double as a pillow, which can be taken to bed, on the road, off to camp, and just about anywhere.”

Jay at Play Florida reps stated that FlipaZoo plush toys are made from the highest-quality materials, so your kids can enjoy them year after year without having to purchase a replacement. Amazingly, the people at Jay At Play Florida explained that FlipaZoo characters can magically transform from one animal to another, so your child enjoys multiple toys in one.

The easy flip design is part of what makes FlipaZoo animals so special, because they have a softback for pillow time, and a unique animal exterior when your child wants to play. The Jay At Play Florida team explained that there are currently a variety of FlipaZoo toys on the market, from the traditional FlipaZoo stuffed animals to the 2.0, collectible additions, and FlipaZoo animals with reversible sequins.

The FlipaZoo line is very collectible,” Jay At Play Florida representatives said. “It won’t be long before you have an entire FlipaZoo zoo in your home.”

Jay At Play Florida is known for creating some of the most innovative toys on the market. The company was founded in Hong Kong in 2004, and now includes a portfolio of famous toy brands, including Twinkle Play Tents and Boxy Girls. The company’s unique approach to developing new toys has been praised throughout the industry, in the media, and by influencers around the globe. Jay At Play Florida is a company based on encouraging kids to exercise their imaginations and simply have fun.

“We pride ourselves on creating toys that enlighten and engage children,” Jay At Play Florida representatives said. “Our toys are available in more than 75 countries around the globe, and we’re still expanding. We fully value our relationships with our customers, and we can’t wait for kids to get their hands on our new FlipaZoo plush toys and more.”

Jay At Play Introduces Mushabelly Collectible Plush Characters

Global toy brand Jay At Play introduces its range of soft and cuddly collectible plush characters for boys and girls.

Mush ’em and they grumble, push ’em and they tumble – that’s Mushabelly collectible plush characters from Jay At Play. Any way you mush, they’re gonna grumble, grumble, grumble, says the global toy brand, as it introduces its range of soft and cuddly plush characters for girls and boys of all ages.

“At Jay At Play, we’re delighted to introduce Loni the Llama, Sammy the Sloth, and Ethan the Elephant – just three of more than a dozen exclusive Mushabelly characters,” says a Jay At Play representative, speaking from the global toy company’s U.S. headquarters in Florida.

Each Mushabelly promises to be entertaining and fun, according to Jay At Play, with kids of all ages able to choose from a wide range of fun characters. Marketed as an excellent gift for both boys and girls, high-quality plush Mushabelly characters are not just soft and cuddly, but also highly collectible, too, Jay At Play reports.

Jay At Play customers can choose from Mushabelly characters including Loni the Llama, Lilly the Ladybug, Kodiak the Husky, Sammy the Sloth, and Duncan the Dragon.

Further Mushabelly characters, meanwhile, include Ozzy the Dinosaur, Cody the Brown Dog, Gana the Pink Shark, Mishu the Blue Shark, Ethan the Elephant, Zinerva the Narwhal, and Tundra the Fox, according to Jay At Play.

Mushabelly characters are available alongside Jay At Play’s popular Boxy Girls, Wish Me Puppies, FlipaZoo, Lullabrites, Zigamazoos, Stuffaloons, and JamBrites, plus Twinkle Play Tents – one of a number of brand new, much-anticipated lines for the global toy company.

Jay At Play prides itself on creating toys that engage and enlighten, and which are now enjoyed by children in more than 75 countries around the world. Jay At Play’s brands, products, advertising strategies, and marketing philosophy are, they say, all centered around consumer engagement, designed to drive sales at every touchpoint.

As such, Jay At Play is today the innovation category leader in dolls, plush, youth electronics, collectibles, craft and activities, and more. “We consistently create trend-setting toy products, such as Mushabelly,” says a Jay At Play spokesperson, “that create a buzz, year after year, and boast incredible line extension success and outstanding brand equity.”

“When you go to a store, shop online, or simply catch one of our television commercials,” they add, “you’ll find, we hope, each of our Jay At Play products thoroughly captivating and, what’s more, entirely on top of industry standards.”

Jay At Play’s team is, the global toy brand says, anchored by industry icons, each of whom has years of breakthrough product development experience, backed up by track records in marketing success on a global scale.

Accordingly, and following an incredible reception for Mushabelly and other lines including Happy Nappers, Popzeez, Super Cute Little Babies Dolls, and all-new Twinkle Play Tents, Jay At Play is perfectly positioned for decades of further innovation, creation, and, most important of all, success in the always highly lucrative toy industry and youth electronics, collectibles, and craft and activities spaces.

Jay At Play Florida

Jay At Play Florida Demonstrates Incredible Demand for Happy Nappers

Innovation-led toy company Jay At Play Florida illustrates the incredible demand seen for one of its latest products, Happy Nappers.

A colorful, fun play pillow which pulls open to reveal a sleepy sack surprise, Jay At Play Florida has seen incredible demand for its latest innovation, Happy Nappers. Currently out of stock due to the product’s overwhelming popularity at launch, there’s good news this week, however, for shoppers keen to get their hands on the play pillow and sleepy sack combo with shipping now set to resume in just a matter of days.

“Due to incredible demand, Happy Nappers are currently sold out,” explains a Jay At Play Florida spokesperson, speaking from the global toy company’s U.S. base in the so-called Sunshine State. “We are, however, now taking pre-orders for Happy Nappers,” they go on, “and these are due to ship commencing June 30, 2020.”

Features and benefits of cute and cuddly Happy Nappers from Jay At Play Florida include being a plush, pillow, and sleepy sack in one, perfect for sleepovers, and ensuring that kids stay snug, according to the global toy company.

The name behind Boxy Girls, Wish Me Puppies, FlipaZoo, Lullabrites, Zigamazoos, JamBrites, and more, Jay At Play Florida’s extensive roster of highly innovative products—which include dolls, plush toys, youth electronics, collectibles, crafts, and activities—are now enjoyed in more than 75 countries around the world.

Soon to arrive back in stock, Jay At Play Florida’s best-selling Happy Nappers are ultra-soft and cozy, so says Jay At Play Florida, featuring only premium quality plush, conveniently machine washable on a delicate cycle.

Each Happy Nappers purchase also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, according to Jay At Play Florida. Happy Nappers from Jay At Play Florida are available in a choice of designs, carefully imagined with both boys and girls in mind, including unicorn, pink kitty, yellow dog, gray husky, shark, dragon, and ladybug. “Happy Nappers are your children’s go-anywhere friends,” suggests a Jay At Play Florida spokesperson, “whether playtime or nap time – anytime!”

Jay At Play Florida’s Happy Nappers are available in two sizes – the standard Happy Napper measuring 54″ x 20″ and the longer, wider, large-size Happy Napper at 66″ x 30″.

Happy Nappers from Jay At Play Florida are available to purchase online via Jay At Play Florida’s dedicated Happy Nappers website. Designs including unicorn and shark, meanwhile, are also available from famous retail store Bed Bath & Beyond, subject to availability.

Happy Nappers are just one of a number of new lines introduced by Jay At Play Florida recently, including Stuffaloons, Mushabelly, Popzeez, Super Cute Little Babies Dolls, and Boxy Babies.

“Demand for Happy Nappers, in particular, has been greater than we could’ve possibly wished for,” adds a Jay At Play Florida spokesperson, wrapping up, “and we’re delighted to be resuming shipping of pre-orders and new orders alike as designs including our shark, dragon, and ladybug come back into stock at the end of this month.”